Clearswift Secure File Gateway

Your files, your rules – file filtering security your way

To avoid the potentially serious implications of data leaks and regulatory breaches, your business must inspect the information you create and share. Your content needs to be reviewed constantly, in real time, to ensure compliance with your information governance policies. Which is where deep content inspection technology and file filtering comes in.

Clearswift SECURE File Gateway 

The SECURE File Gateway enables organizations to add powerful file content inspection features to existing applications and services, meaning that you can ensure the integrity of your data as it moves around, and before it leaves, your organization. Only by understanding your content can you protect your information assets and make better decisions with your data and file security.

Avoid sensitive data leaks

The File Gateway is used to inspect content as it moves from one location to another. By inspecting the file before it moves, the risk of sensitive data leaks is considerably reduced – especially in scenarios where the locations are networks with different levels of security. There is a real risk that the information contained within the file could be valuable in one location, but represent a data leak in the other.

More than just email

Your business may already understand email as a potential risk, but what about files that are too large to attach to a message? Clearswift SECURE File Gateway has options to scan large files up to 16GB, as they are transferred internally between departments, or externally to partners, through FTP or other non-email transfer protocols ensuring total data security.

Recognize, understand and process

The File Gateway’s content inspection engine recognizes over 150 different file or format types, using strong signature and data parsing techniques that ignore unreliable external indicators, like file extensions. The engine performs recursive decomposition, and systematically opens and searches within archive files like ZIP and TAR to locate all embedded objects, like images, or active content within Office documents. Inspection continues until there is nothing left to process.

By recognizing particular file types, it is possible to set a policy to decide which file types are acceptable, and which should be blocked. The inspection also extends to textual content: the words and phrases contained within the files.

Textual search

The SECURE File Gateway provides powerful text analysis capabilities to search for words, phrases and expressions of any format and in any language.

  • Expressions can be keywords, phrases or regular expressions
  • Predefined patterns such as credit card numbers, social security numbers (US), NI numbers (UK) and IBAN numbers
  • Each expression can have its own weighting to allow occurrence counts to be defined Logical operators: AND, OR, XOR, ANDNOT
  • Proximity operators: NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER, FOLLOWEDBY
  • Search within body, headers, footers, meta-data or the whole document.

By recognizing the presence of terms such as ‘Top secret’ in the footer of Word documents, or credit card numbers in Excel worksheets, it is possible to build policies that strictly control which data is processed through the system, and more importantly, which is blocked.

Malware, active code and damaged data

In addition to checking for content violations, the File Gateway is compatible with Sophos anti-virus, verifying files do not contain suspicious content or malware that could potentially cause cross-infection to other networks or organizations.

The SECURE File Gateway also has its own capabilities when it comes to blocking potential malware:

  • It has rules to detect active code, such as macros in Microsoft Office, or scripts in Adobe PDF.
  • It can block suspicious data that doesn’t match any recognized format, appears to be corrupt, or has been tampered in some way. Unusual data could indicate that malware is trying to exploit a weakness and cause a buffer overflow in an application.
  • It quarantines encrypted data that cannot be inspected.

Seamlessly integrating with your existing applications and services, the Clearswift SECURE File Gateway provides sophisticated file-based deep content inspection and lexical analysis and comes with pre-built templates. The intuitive GUI makes it simple for administrators to manage and respond to policy outcomes; quite simply, we provide the reassurance you need to safely collaborate and share your information in a risk-free environment.

Professional Services from Clearswift

You can get more out of the Clearswift SECURE File Gateway with professional services from Clearswift. Whether you need help developing a custom file filtering solution or assistance with installing and tweaking your file security settings, the Clearswift team can ensure you get the very best from your system for a faster return on investment.

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