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You need contextual information management solutions that empower your data sharing and help you focus on actually doing business. Here at Clearswift, that is exactly what we help you do.


At Clearswift, we take pride in our vibrant and energetic workplace that is powered by a genuine passion for innovation and a strong desire to help and support our clients.

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Find full details of events being run, hosted or attended by the Clearswift team

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Clearswift is backed and funded by a professional group of investors who provide us with the support we need to develop market-leading security products and offer exeptional client support

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Catch up with the latest developments or older news in our Clearswift PR archive

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The Clearswift management team combines technical, financial and operational skillsers, ensuring products and services perfectly meet client requirements. Read more about Clearswift's key players here

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Board of Directors

The Clearswift board of directors is staffed by an exceptional team providing the strategic oversight required to keep the company at the cutting edge of network and email security.

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Legal Information

The Clearswift Group endeavours to ensure that the information on the website is correct and fairly stated, but does not eccept liability for any error or omission

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Environmental Policy

As a software vendor and manufacturer, the majority of our products and manufacturing processes do not include physical items or processes. As a result, Clearswift has a very low environmental footprint

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